Improved Box Score: Cubs 15, Reds 2

THAT’s how you want to end things if you’re going to miss the postseason anyway. Make a joke of it, get everyone in the action and go out with a bang. There is some joy that will pass from this one into the off season.

The Cubs’ bats have exploded in a way they haven’t seen in a long, long time. (In a sense they probably have should have against some of the pitching they’ve seen in the past month, but their own pitching was so good that the match results didn’t really reflect it.)

Big days on the board up and down the lineup, a bullpen shutout, lots of high fives, lots of smiles, lots of joy. It was a really fun game.

A minus of the game is the injury of Adrian Sampson that made his day too short. It really sucks that his season ended like this. In the third inning, he must have felt something in his groin, as he limped a bit, was checked by the staff and then left the game. It won’t take away from everything he’s done this season to cement himself as a quality depth option for the Cubs in 2023, but I’m sure you’re always eager to finish at a higher level. Hopefully it’s not a serious injury and Sampson can have a normal off-season after some rest.

However, the bullpen usually sailed from there and the bats poured it out late. Happy day. A happy ending to a challenging season.

And now a big, big off-season ahead, with a view to better days outside the gate in 2023…

Full box score.

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