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Jumping in a nice pool on a hot day is great. Looking out at a green pool, breeding mosquitoes? Not so great. Are you going to find yourself in it even if it is not on your property? That’s why a woman called South Florida’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.

It is summer time, also called pool time. Sparkling blue water in your backyard, floating and fun. That’s one of the reasons Priscilla rented a Hollywood complex.

Priscilla Barber: “My kids were super excited that it had a pool and I had bought floats for them.”

Now let’s look over Priscilla’s shoulder as she stands on her balcony on this day in May.

Priscilla Barber: “There are mosquito larvae, eggs in there. It’s just disgusting. It’s ugly.”

According to government records, the pool has been a mess since November, when it was shut down.

Priscilla Barber: “They did not fix the pumps. They did not fix the pool. They did not treat the algae. “

Take a look at the photos Priscilla has taken over the past few months. She says the pool goes from blue to light green, to dark green, to black, and so …

Priscilla Barber: “And they just pour bleach into it and make the water white for a few days, and then it turns green again.”

Hollywood Park Apartments North was cited by the Department of Health in November, December, April and by the city of Dania Beach in May.

Priscilla Barber: “It’s just so rude. It’s bubbling.”

The pool pump has not been turned on for several months, and Priscilla says the combination of mosquitoes and algae has made it hard for her family’s health.

Priscilla Barber: “And I’ve noticed that I’ve had allergic symptoms, and two of my kids have just felt a lot of mucus in our chest, fatigue, itchy eyes.”

Priscilla has complained to the landlord …

Priscilla Barber: “And he told me you do not have to stay here if you do not like the condition.”

Priscilla has not paid the rent and travel. The pool will not be her problem, but she says she does not want her friends who live in the building to continue to deal with it.

Priscilla Barber: “If you do not intend to clean it, just empty the pool.”

Well, whether it’s an apartment pool or a neighbor’s pool, Howard can do anything if it’s a mosquito breeding ground?

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “Absolutely. The law gives cities and counties great power to protect public health. They can quote the owner and fine them with escalating fees to encourage them to repair the pool. If that doesn’t work, the city or county can fix it yourself and put a mortgage on the property, and if someone gets sick or injured by a dirty pool, the owner can be financially responsible. “

In June, a Dania Beach judge held a law enforcement hearing after the building’s owners were quoted.

Judge at Dania Beach: “Is anyone here from the apartment building?”

The property owner did not show up. Since the pool was clean that morning, they only had to pay a $ 100 fee, but the owner missed a warning.

Judge at Dania Beach: “As a repeated violation, it would be a $ 500 fine. If it gets really bad, it would be an irreparable violation, and it would be up to $ 5,000 a day in fines.”

The landlord, Jacob Rimone, would not talk to me, but his lawyer did and told me that they could not repair the pool for a while because they were replacing the windows in the complex. That the pool repairs were extensive with bids to solve the problem, which reached $ 50,000; adds that the landlord goes out every day to pour chemicals into the pool to keep it clean, but Priscilla is not there to see it.

Priscilla Barber: “So relieved. I just feel so much better. “

Priscilla has moved into a new apartment complex with her children, but she will not forget her old neighbors and their pool problem.

Priscilla Barber: “If I hear anything about one of my neighbors saying the pool is green again, then I’ll definitely be proactive and try to help them.”

Nice of you to keep an eye on your friends, Priscilla, and if your neighborhood has a green pool, contact the Department of Health and the town or county. You know the diseases that mosquitoes can spread, and a dark pool is dangerous if a child falls into it.

Problems swarming around you? Ignore buzzing. Make a spray and contact us. Hopefully it goes well.

With this Help me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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