Isolated polar bears adapt to climate change

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Tens of thousands have been displaced following floods in northeastern India

HISTORY: Roads and railroads were flooded, with people wading through waist-high, brown rushing water, carrying their belongings and livestock. Many of India’s rivers rose to dangerous levels, breaking their natural dams and flooding floodplains. A humanitarian crisis could arise if the floods do not subside and proper rescue operations are not carried out. In Assam, armed forces were called in for rescue efforts after landslides killed at least nine people and displaced 1.9 million from their homes within the last 10 days. Torrent rain whipped 25 of the state’s 33 districts for a sixth day.India has experienced increasing extreme weather in recent years, causing extensive damage. Environmentalists warn that climate change could lead to more disasters, especially in low-lying and densely populated areas.

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