James Gunn Responds to ‘Wonder Woman 3’ Axing, DC Changes on Twitter – Deadline

DC Studios co-head James Gunn took to Twitter to respond to the chaotic news announced yesterday about Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 no advance and other DC changes. You can see the tweets below.

Regarding the news that came out yesterday, including the buzz about whether or not the newly announced Henry Cavill will reprise Superman, as well as other potential DC star and franchise sales, today Gunn says “some of it is true, some part half true, part of it is not true, and part of it we have not yet decided whether it is true or not.”

Granted, the optics of Gunn and Peter Safran’s arrival at the studio, and the deep-sixing of Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 treatment doesn’t look good optically in the wake of the diversity-led and behind-the-scenes bat girl be killed, (that decision made by David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Discovery). However, we hear that Jenkins has been given the chance to take another shot at one Wonder Woman 3 treatment after receiving notes from all Warner Bros. movie blowers (it wasn’t just Gunn and Safran’s decision). There were concerns about character arcs and payoffs, and the threequel emulated similar structural issues ala Wonder Woman 1984. She decided to take her toys and go home. The studio wants to do another one Wonderwomanhowever, the question is whether Gal Gadot will manage without Jenkins. Warners never intended to be sexist, rather blow up Wonder Woman 3 came down to creative differences. Her tweet a day before yesterday’s chaotic news makes it sound like she’s still game.

Gunn continues, and sure enough, when a new studio boss or football coach comes in, they want to make it their own and not pick up anyone’s leftovers. Hard steps here for creating synergy. He says: “Peter and I chose to run DC Studios knowing that we were going to be in a tough environment, both in the stories being told and the audience itself. TV, animation and gaming.”

“But ultimately, the drawbacks of that transition period were overshadowed by the creative possibilities and the opportunity to build on what has worked in DC so far and help correct what didn’t work,” the statement said. Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Universe franchise director continues.

“We know we won’t make every person happy every step of the way, but we can promise that everything we do is in service of the STORY and in service of the DC CHARACTERS that we know you cherish and that we have cherished our whole lives,” says Gunn.

“As for more answers about the future of the DCU, I’m sorry I’ll have to ask you to wait. We are giving these characters and the stories the time and attention they deserve and we have many more questions of our own to ask and answer,” concludes Gunn.

Gunn and Safran are said to be giving a download to Zaslav and talent reps regarding their grand design before the holidays.

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