Jane Fonda suggests we ‘redefine vaginas as AK47s’

In May, Jane Fonda urged viewers of “The View” to “fight like hell” to not allow the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Now, she’s proposing a new strategy.

“If a corporation can be defined as a person, why not redefine vaginas as AK47s,” the 84-year-old actress and activist tweeted Tuesday. “That way they’d be free of governmental restrictions by those who care about ‘the sanctity of life.’”

Fonda’s words reiterate the court’s decision to overturn national abortion protection before gun control. In May, 10 people were shot dead in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York. Days later, 21 people — including students and teachers — died at the hand of an 18-year-old gunman at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Both shooters used AR-15-style rifles.

Her words come a month after the “Grace and Frankie” legend appeared on “The View” to give her thoughts on the leaked Roe. V. Wade draft.

“And if it does [overturn]fight like hell through the vote. One of the things that this horrendous leak shows us is the importance of voting,” she said. “The Republicans complain about activist Supreme Court, activist lawyers — this is the most activist, politically oriented, narrowly focused Supreme Court in United States history, so we have to vote.”

“We have to mobilize to get out the vote in the midterm elections and in 2024 to make sure that we don’t put in office anyone who does not support a woman’s right to choose and doesn’t understand the crisis called the climate crisis, which we have only eight years to address.”

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