Jason Tatum’s stern warning to the Bucks before Match 7

Jayson Tatum is happy to force a 7 game against the Milwaukee Bucks. After all, the Boston Celtics are going home to TD Garden for the decisive showdown.

Sure enough, the Tatum and Celtics didn’t want a better place than their home turf in their attempt to oust the defending champion and secure a ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Boston striker knows this all too well, expecting the Beantown crowd to rally behind them for a Do-or-die.

“The best atmosphere in the NBA,” Tatum said of Game 7 in Boston, Keith Smith, an NBA insider.

The Celtics leader, of course, does not lack confidence before the next game. After all, he came off a 46-point blast in Game 6 while teammates like Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart climbed big time too.

Jason Tatum added, “We’re close and tough as I know… I’ll take us any day.”

Boston and its players are certainly happy to take advantage of the home court now. Besides, it is a chance for them to be in front of their fans at home and it gives them a big reward. However, the Celtics know it won’t be easy – not with the fact that they have only won once on home soil. For their part, Giannis Antikonmo and Bucks have already had two victories on the road.

While nothing is set on stone, one thing is clear: There will be plenty of fireworks on Sunday.

Celtics, Marcus Smart, Giannis Antikonmo

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