Jeff Goldblum opens up about working with Wes Anderson on Asteroid City

Jeff Goldblum teases his role in Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie, Asteroid City, and opens up about working with the “amazing” film crew.

Jeff Goldblum opens up about working with director Wes Anderson on the upcoming movie asteroid city. Starring a host of frequent Anderson collaborators such as Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, and Jason Schwartzman, the film would also mark the director’s first collaboration with Tom Hanks and Margot Robbie. Principal Photography in asteroid city in Chinchon, Spain, and was shot in November last year.

Surrounding plot details asteroid city It was kept a secret, leaving many fans wondering what exactly the author has in store for his next movie. The title was kept secret until last year’s BFI London Film Festival, where Murray revealed the name of the project, and added, “We’re shooting it in Spain, about 45 minutes from Madrid. It’s fun there, and we’re having a good time.” Murray is just one of several recurring actors in Anderson’s circle, which also includes Goldblum. The actor previously worked with Anderson in Grand Budapest Hotel In 2014 and Dog Island in 2018.

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While pressing for his next movie, Dominion Jurassic World, Goldblum teased his role in asteroid city He opened about working with Anderson and co. As I mentioned Character BookGoldblum described his mysterious role as “kind of delicious” And poured on the film “Amazing staff” Without revealing any specific details. His full quote can be read below:

Oh, good question. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Well, I’d love to be able to work on a movie series that relates a little bit, though very different, to the wonderful Wes Anderson. He’s a genius. I adore him, and really, I don’t want to give anything away, but I have a little sprig of something, perhaps kinda tasty, in that next thing he does. We were in Spain and with great staff, as you can imagine, we had a great time.

asteroid city It’s not the only big project looming for Anderson. Earlier this year, it was reported that Benedict Cumberbatch will lead the author’s next film, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six Others, Which is set for release on Netflix. The film is based on a collection of short stories written by Roald Dahl, the same author who told it to his children. Fantastic Mr. Fox, It inspired Anderson’s 2009 film of the same name. It is safe to assume that the public can expect asteroid city To hit theaters before you see it The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six Others, Although a premiere date for either of the two films has yet to be confirmed.

As of now, asteroid city It is currently expected to release in 2022. Anderson, who has historically made his films debut at the annual Cannes Film Festival, is rumored to be looking forward to making a debut at the Venice Film Festival for his upcoming film. Although not much is known about the movie, the cast has been described as being “Bigger than most other Anderson films of a group nature,” asteroid city It will surely be another memorable part of the director’s repertoire.

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