Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram account is going all out in a mysterious move

Eeven though there is no explanation for what is happening Jennifer Lopez’s social media platforms, the star just deleted all her posts on Instagram. Other social media accounts did not, only Instagram noticed her entire 226 million followers. There are absolutely no more messages for anyone to see, Jennifer Lopez has gone MIA and the world has noticed. Immediately many of her fans started asking questions and wondering why this happened.

Among the theories are fans who simply wish the best and hope nothing serious happened. Jennifer Lopez still hasn’t dealt with this mysterious move, but there are some reports that can confirm what’s going on. There is another possible reason why such a megastar decides to go absolutely dark on her social media accounts. And before you say it, we’ll tell you that this is nowhere near the stunts Kanye West is constantly doing on his social media accounts.

A new Jennifer Lopez project may be in the works

According to a Unilad report, Jennifer Lopez could be gearing up for a new project that is still unspecified. This often happens when an artist is about to make a massive announcement of a project that needs the fans’ undivided attention. It is still unclear if it has something to do with music, film, television or something else. No matter what, we all want to know the true reason why Jennifer Lopez decided to go dark on her Instagram account.

The star’s Facebook, TikTok and Twitter accounts have remained and people can still post comments there. That’s where many of her fans wonder why j lo made this move on Instagram. Jennifer Lopez has a whopping 347 million between all her social media accounts. Most of those come directly from her 226 million Instagram followers. Lopez’ Nuyorican Productions recently signed a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce feature films and documentaries, according to Unilad’s report. This could be linked to that.

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