Kardashian superfan Seth Rogen teases Kim Kardashian for Missing Event – ​​Rolling Stone

“Honestly, she’s probably dealing with a lot right now,” the actor said after lightly teasing the reality star for missing a “Women in Entertainment” event.

Kardashians superfan and actor Seth Rogen was given the task of introducing Charlize Theron on The Hollywood Reporter‘s “Women in Entertainment” breakfast yesterday. But before proceeding with the formalities, he couldn’t help but express his disappointment at Kim Kardashian’s conspicuous absence.

Kardashian was supposed to host the event, but was unable to attend at the last minute. After joking about the quiche being served (and ignored) at breakfast, Rogen joked, “Are we going to talk about how Kim Kardashian didn’t show up?” Is that going to happen? I’ve seen every episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, I know she doesn’t do anything more important than this. I’ve seen 100,000 hours of her. She’s never done anything more important than this. This would be the highlight of the show!”


Rogen then threw up his hands and wondered, “What is she doing?” It was at this moment – some might argue – that a thought of Kardashian’s ex-husband, the father of her children, Kanye West, and all the wild, anti-Semitic things he said, passed through Rogen like a ghost. He shook his head, looked down at the stage, and said with a self-confident chuckle, “Honestly, she’s probably going through a lot right now.”

For what it’s worth, a Kardashian source later provided Page six with a reason for her absence: “The wrong event date was communicated to Kim’s team several weeks ago. The mistake wasn’t noticed until Monday and unfortunately her schedule couldn’t be changed at the last minute due to a previous work commitment. She was extremely disappointed that she could not be there.”

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