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UPDATE: 12:20 PM

After a stressful morning, Emily Meyer was reunited with her dog Bruno on Saturday.

Meyer’s car was stolen off Highway 33 in Rutland early Saturday morning, but her car was spotted near downtown later that morning.

A woman named Heather saw the blue Honda Civic parked on Lawrence Avenue near Lakeview Street and commented that it was odd that it was still driving.

She then saw a post about the stolen car and dog online and contacted the police. Bruno was found in the car.

Police called Meyer just before noon to let her know that Bruno and her car have been found and that she has now been reunited with her little buddy.

Meyer says she does not know if the police have found the perpetrators of the theft. She says she is incredibly relieved that Bruno is back, and grateful to all the people who have shared her story online.

ORIGINAL: 10:35 am

A Kelowna woman is heartbroken after her car was stolen Saturday morning with her dog in it.

Emily Meyer is babysitting a house on Highway 33 near Kneller Road this weekend, and she stopped by the house at about 5:45 a.m. Saturday morning to check on her friend’s dogs.

“I just left my car on because it was pretty chilly this morning… I ran the car for two minutes,” said Meyer.

“When I went back out, my car was gone and my dog ​​was in there.”

Her car is a blue four-door 2004 Honda Civic license plate NV9 48N. The car has a white scratch on the rear of the vehicle and a dent on the passenger side. Meyer says the car squeaks pretty loudly in first gear.

Meyer’s dog Bruno is a one year old golden brown shih tzu/yorkie mix, with a black collar and a blue name tag with “Bruno” on it.

“I had to clean up my whole life to get this dog, this dog means a lot [to me]said Meyer, holding back his tears. “He’s the main reason I’m sober.”

Meyer has spoken to police about the theft and anyone with information should contact the Kelowna RCMP. Meyer also said she is willing to provide a reward for her dog’s return.

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