Kris Lindahl applies to trademark his outstretched arm pose

MINNEAPOLIS — Kris Lindahl has filed a trademark for this iconic pose you see on billboards all over the state.

Lindhal says the pose — arms outstretched, staring straight ahead, with a big smile on his face — has become “iconic” and he’s trying to avoid imitators.

A mock-up of the pose was tweeted by Timberlake Law.

The trademark filing specifies that the person depicted must have arms slightly higher than perpendicular to the torso — and fingers splayed.

“We are excited about the application to register the ‘arms out’ symbol as a trademark for our real estate and related services. Our big goal here is to protect our brand for our team and our customers. I want to be clear that this not about us trying to stop the general public from reaching out or taking the pose. We applaud that. Our goal is to avoid consumer confusion and prevent industry copycats from trading our brand. The pose is become iconic. People see it and immediately associate it with Kris Lindahl Real Estate,” Lindahl said in a statement.

Lindahl says he wants people to know that if they see the pose in an ad, it’s associated with Kris Lindahl Real Estate.

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