Large Field Looks To Fill Republican Ticket For Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District

A large pool of candidates is hoping to fill Markwayne Mullin’s seat in Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District.

14 republicans are competing for the spot with the winner going on to face Democratic candidate Naomi Andrews and Independent Candidate Ben Robinson in the general election on November 8th. U.S. House District two covers roughly a 4th of the state, representing more than 20 counties in eastern Oklahoma and over 722,000 residents.

The Republican candidate pool includes 12 men and two women most of whom are Oklahoma natives. Many of the candidates are small business owners with Christian beliefs and most say they are pro-life, pro-police, pro-second amendment, and support President Trump’s America First policies, border patrol, and less government spending and energy independence.

Candidates include:

  1. Guy Barker
  2. John Bennett
  3. Josh Brecheen
  4. David Derby
  5. Avery Frix
  6. Pamela Gordon
  7. Rhonda Hopkins
  8. Clint Johnson
  9. Wes Nofire
  10. Marty Quinn
  11. Dustin Roberts
  12. Chris Schiller
  13. Johnny Teehee
  14. Erick Wyatt.

A candidate must get more than 50 percent of the vote or there will be a runoff in August between the top two candidates.

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