Letters 30 June: ‘NDP does not recognize failures in healthcare’

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Opposition health critic David Shepherd is very quick to criticize Alberta’s health minister for traveling to Europe and attending a Danish health forum. “(Jason) Copping could learn more by spending two weeks at Rockyview or Red Deer Hospital or riding with exhausted paramedics in Alberta,” Shepherd says. Which in translation means: give the unions more money. If Mr. Shepherd reads beyond his limited view of our medical system, he will find that Canada spends the second highest amount on health care in the world, and even Alberta is not far behind, yet together we are 29th out of 30 developed countries in the effectiveness of results. But facts mean very little to the NDP, it has always been blind to ideas that don’t fit their worldview. Overall, Europe has a superior health care system based on the integration of both private and state insurance. Both more effective and at a much lower cost. The bogeyman of the “American” system, promoted by the NDP and supported by the Friends of Medicare, will forever stop all meaningful reform. But yes, the NDs have always lived on another planet.
(They would give our last cent to their union friends before admitting a health care system flaw.)

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Although he was busy with a lot of other important matters, when the prime minister finally got wind of the critical situations at passport offices and airports, he immediately took decisive action. A new and well-staffed “task force” will now study the situation and report quickly. This is good news because a short break from this madness is “critical” to many and it is “important” that we can get away in hours, not days. And most of us will even come back.
(Glad he noticed.)

Oh, why can’t Jeremy Farkas be in the mayor’s chair and our new “awakened” mayor somewhere in the middle of the mountains with no cell service?
(Dare to dream, Dorn, dare to dream.)

The float in the Sundre parade is a political statement and everyone knows it, but instead we are playing the racist card again! Obviously everyone knows the BS deal between Jagmeet Singh to end his term to get his pension, and Justin Trudeau to stay in power. Where are the T-shirts now? And the caption under the photo of this float should read, “Get these two out of Ottawa – NOW!”
(It’s definitely a political statement — with obvious racist undertones that overshadowed Singh and Trudeau’s genuine dislike.)

Re: Joe Magliocca. I can’t believe a man charged with a crime can have his lawyers declare that the police’s expediency in the case against him got in the way of his application! Wasn’t he already ‘filled up’ with his expense allowances… or am I not to believe another word I read in the sun?
(Don’t get us involved in this nonsense.)

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