Letters, Oct. 2: Green, Rhinos … what’s the difference these days?

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Re: Jerry Agar’s Sept. 27 Sun column, “Don’t let the nuts frame the debate”. Watching the Green Party engage in a battle royal over the inadvertent misuse of correct transgender pronouns leads me to conclude that instead of being the political arm of the environmental movement, it’s actually turned into the second coming of the Rhinoceros Party. Some will remember the Rhinos for the frivolity they brought to Canada’s electoral process in bygone years. Mind you, the major different between Greens and the Rhinos is that, whereas the latter’s theatre of the absurd was all delivered tongue firmly in cheek, the Greens come across as resolutely humourless and deadly serious. The comic relief they bring to the fore is as inadvertent as their misgendering faux-pas and subsequent kerfuffle.
(The Green Party is a national joke.)

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In his letter, (Dick) Varley omitted or is unaware of a few facts with regards to his irrational fear of an overpopulated earth. The Grim Reaper is honing his scythe, but not for the dark and ominous reasons stated in his letter. A study in demographics illustrate a decrease in the world’s population. The Greatest Generation, born between 1906-1926, number in the thousands. The Silent Generation, born between 1927-1945, number in the hundreds of thousands. And the Baby Boom generation, born between 1946-1963, number in the millions. The world, and predominately the West, is about to enter a period in which there will be a noted increase in the mortality rate, specifically among the Baby Boom generation — Bill Gates, are you listening? Coupled with an increase in the death rate, there has been a precipitous drop in the birth rate. The replacement rate in the West has been in a steady decline since the late 1960s. China’s One-Child Policy has tilted the fertility rate where there are more men to women who are in the child-bearing age, and as the developing world attain the living standards of the West, there is a decrease in the replacement rate. One example is India where the birth rate is approaching the levels of the West. The fear of an overpopulated earth is groundless and by 2060 the world’s population might be fewer than five billion people. An empty planet is more likely to occur than a full one. And what really irks me about people that write about overpopulation is that they are alive, but they feel it is their moral obligation to deny the yet to be born from experiencing life. Good or bad, happy or sad, long or short. They dress it up with various arguments, but in the end who are you to decide who shall be born.
(It’s not something front-of-mind for most people.)

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In recent days the Calgary Sun has devoted a couple of front pages several inside pages and numerous articles talking about Hurricane Fiona hitting Canada’s East Coast, and now Hurricane Ian heading towards Cuba and Florida. You have yet to mention the words climate change. What does the science say? Hurricanes’ power comes from warm water in the ocean; our warming ocean gives more power to hurricanes. A warming atmosphere can hold more moisture (7% more, for each 1C rise in temperature), enabling heavier rainfall. And our sea level, rising from the melting of glaciers and the polar ice caps, is causing higher storm surges. Global warming puts us on a one-way track to more frequent and more damaging storms. It’s up to us to decide, how bad do we want things to get?
(Better crank up the carbon tax then, eh Rog?)

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Re: Rick Bell column, Sept. 28: “Danielle Smith, can she beat Rachel Notley? More numbers.” Any survey may be suspect if the criteria for the survey are not disclosed. Size of survey population, characteristics, etc. Is there any personal bias. Sorry, Rick, there are no criteria in your column. I was uncomfortable with the column because the conclusions did not seem to fit with other news sources. So, I did a bit of background checking. The source of the survey was ThinkHQ Public Affairs Inc., a Calgary company whose president is Marc Henry. The same Marc Henry who was chief of staff for mayor Dave Bronconnier for nine years. Bronconnier and Henry’s tenure ended with the election of Mayor Naheed Nenshi in 2010. Bronconnier was known as a prominent Liberal and a strong advocate for matters “Green.” It is not improbable to assume that Henry’s political leanings were the same. Also, Bronconnier’s political adversaries were today’s main contenders for the UCP leadership: Brian Jean, Danielle Smith and Travis Toews. It is not a stretch to believe that this survey is biased against the UCP. Perhaps an element of revenge. Since the Liberal Party is now almost obliterated in Alberta, any attempt to influence the voting public will be in the form of support for the NDP. As a news hound, it makes sense that Rick would have close ties with the chief of staff at city hall. I just wonder if this personal relationship has not carried over into the current article.
(Sure hope this far fetched and insulting little fairytale didn’t waste too much of your time.)

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I sure hope the voting Canadian understands that we could get Justin Trudeau out quicker if it wasn’t for Jagmeet Singh. The head of the NDP government in Canada has chosen to ignore the majority of voters and back Trudeau for their own personal gain. So please remember when you vote Canada, that a vote for any NDP government at any level, provincial or federal, is a vote to keep Trudeau at the helm. Here in Alberta, we’ve seen what an NDP leader does. They use us as carbon tax guinea pigs, they attack any method to raise taxes for their spending needs, which are insatiable. I would imagine the implementation of a PST would be the first thing Rachel Notley would force on us if elected because she never has enough tax money to spend.
(Alberta has learned, right?)

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Are those jokers on Calgary city council for real? Single- use plastic. Is this all they can come up with to waste valuable time. There are so many things that need to be attended to in this once clean tidy city. Streets and roadways are a disgrace and whatever you do, don’t try to drive on a street that has infill houses anywhere in the city. The developers pay a fee to get permits to dig up the street for services. These excavations are never filled properly and are left for years to pose a risk of destruction to the steering and suspension of our cars. What is council doing with the monies collected for the permits. Certainly not repairing the mess left behind by the developers. And just as an aside, have you ever tried to drive down a street where infills have been built, proof positive that these streets were never meant for this density. Cars parked on both sides of the street mean two vehicles can not pass without someone waiting till the remaining lane can be used. So council don’t need to expand their useless traffic calming, they have it covered by mindless densification.
(It’s their city and they will do as they please. Apparently.)

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Having a special school like Louise Dean is long past its due date. A school for 50 pregnant teens and young mothers makes little sense economically, especially when there are some regular high school classes that have almost that many kids in them. These kids should be placed in a school within a school as has been suggested and they should have to deal with some realities of life because eventually they’ll be out in the real world having to raise a child. Being coddled as they are just makes it more difficult for them once they leave school. And besides, where are the parents of these kids? Why aren’t they helping their children get through these crises? Why is it the taxpayer is always responsible for the mistakes of others in our society?
(We’re talking about school for teens with a lot on their plate, not luxury condos. We’d imagine their coddling days ended the minute they found themselves pregnant.)

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I am sick and tired of these lawyers and judges and Crown attorneys not doing their jobs. Police are trying very hard to do their jobs ad almost all do their jobs very well, and what do you get, defund the police, when what we need is more police officers. There should be two officers together at all times on foot patrolling downtown cores in all major cities at all times, more cars patrolling all other areas. Women and young ladies can’t even walk down the street anymore without being harassed. It just seems that lawyers all don’t give a damn about the innocent victims and the law-abiding population. Lawyers seem to think to do their jobs, they need to get light sentences for their clients and judges and attorneys follow suit. Almost all are repeat offenders and they are released or paroled after short sentences to offend again. How many are released on bail, to reoffend before they even getting to court on the original charges? When are we going to start protecting the innocent, and stop coddling these damn criminals like they are the victims? We need harsher sentences and more prisons built. I know people are going to say where is the money going to come from. When you look at the billions of dollars wasted on garbage, stop the waste, this would be money well spent and I should say, look at the jobs it would create.
(Plenty of room up north for a gulag or two for our most unrepentant menaces to society, eh?)

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So let’s see if I have this right, city clowncil is asking for a new bylaw making anti-abortion groups put their pamphlets in an envelope with a warning that the contents are graphic, and they liken an abortion to pornography?! Where do they get off even making such an idiotic and moronic statement? Pornography and abortion are so diametrically opposite each other that only someone who is lacking in common sense would make that comparison. Pornography is its own separate evil, abortion is out and out murder, end of discussion. By even suggesting that abortion pamphlets be put in an envelope is censorship. Come on council, wake up and grow up, put on your big boy and girl pants and do some real work for a change!
(That crap should not be forced on people, young or old.)


I heard on the news this morning that one councillor wants to put a stop to loud vehicles. City council should put a stop to all loud vehicles. Some motorbikes and trucks are loud. Sometimes if a loud motorbike or a loud car goes by you can still hear it on Macleod Tr. I don’t why some people have to have loud vehicles. If the police are on the road, they should pull over that person and give them a good fine for having a loud vehicle. Motorbikes are the loudest.
(We’ll believe it when we see it.)

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