Lil Durk is fresh off of the release of 7220 (Deluxe)which will earn him an estimated boost of 75K units in sales this week. And while many have celebrated the project’s release, a recent concert didn’t necessarily go as smoothly as he’d likely want it. Footage emerged on Sunday of the rapper getting into a heated confrontation with a fan who was allegedly disrespectingKing Of. Durk scolds the individual before lightly shoving him.

As the footage went viral, it didn’t take long for 6ix9ine to chime in on the matter. Under one of Akademiks’ post, the rapper claimed that Von was “rolling in the flames of hell.” “Fan held his ground didn’t even flinch,” 6ix9ine commented. “Von rolling in the flames of hell.” He later commented on another video that captured the altercation from another angle. “The fan saw right past the “ACT/persona” .. he wasn’t scared. If it wasn’t for the security that boy was steppin by himself,” he wrote.

While Durk didn’t respond to 6ix9ine, his doppelganger, Perkio, took some shots towards the Brooklyn rapper. “We touch [rat emoji] in Miami they ain’t talking bout it,” Perkio wrote under a TikTok reaction video titled “Lil Durk finally respond to 6ix9ine.” When a user called him out for trying to “act like somebody else,” Perkio fired back, “My life was alr on the line when that shii happened what u talm bout?”

We’ll keep you posted on any more responses from Lil Durk or 6ix9ine.