Love Island risks Ofcom complaints after stars mimic sex acts in red hot challenge

LOVE Island risked Ofcom’s wrath tonight with a very sexy challenge.

Fans predicted the X-rated heart rate game will spark a load of complaints after Islanders mimicked sex acts.

Hormones were flying round the Love Island villa tonight


Hormones were flying round the Love Island villa tonight
Danica got up close and personal with Andrew


Danica got up close and personal with Andrew

Temperatures went through the roof as the girls left little to the imagination with a series of very saucy performances.

One by one they mimicked sex acts on the boys as they vied to set pulses racing.

Danica Taylor kicked things off with a sizzling routine in a sparkly little body suit.

She shook her booty in the boys’ faces and pulled them into her cleavage.

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Things got even hotter when Ekin-Su sucked on Davide’s fingers before snogging his face off.

Gemma Owen made viewers blush as she ran her hands over the boys’ bodies while dressed as a dominatrix.

Paige, dressed in Pamela Anderson style lifeguard outfit, continued the finger sucking theme and straddled her man Jacques, grinding seductively on his lap.

The lads kept up the pace, with Dami’s gyrating and thrusting driving the girls wild.

Jacques bound onto the scene as a cop, spanking partner Paige before giving ex Gemma a peck.

He then hoisted Paige up and the pair shared a passionate kiss.

Muscular Jay Younger flexed his pecs in skimpy warrior attire, and Gemma admitted if her heart wasn’t set on Luca then he would be the man for her.

Not everyone was as successful though.

New boy Charlie suffered an outfit fail when his trousers wouldn’t come cleanly off.

Paige admitted she was “dying inside” watching him, and her heart rate remained steady through the painful routine.

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It was revealed afterwards that the girls were most successful in the challenge, boosting heart rates more than the boys.

But there were unhappy tears too, with Tasha and Paige unhappy their partners’ hearts raced for other girls.

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