Lower Mainland school board candidate on video preaching about eradicating the ‘global, elite parasite’

A school administrator candidate in Maple Ridge answers questions about a video shared online in which he addressed a crowd in Vancouver at a “freedom” rally last year.

The video of May 15, 2021 at 6pm will be posted to Twitter showing candidate Brian Dominick on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery with a World Freedom Rally sign behind him.

“But most of the time I choose this path for my kids and their future so I can look them in the eye and tell them that their father stood up for their rights and freedoms to keep them safe,” he says yelling “Yes.” and cheer.

“Hold on,” he tells the crowd. “Not plan-demic safe. I mean, keep their little developing minds and bodies safe. What parents should be doing right now and what we need to show them. My mission to educate and change the world will not stop until the children are safe, governments are held accountable and companies stop lying to us. Polluting our oceans, countries and human bodies in Canada and around the world.

“This is not a Canadian problem folks. This is a global, elitist parasite problem, and they are the ones that must be eradicated,” he said to applause and cheers.

When reached by phone at his Maple Ridge ebike and scooter shop, Dominick did not deny that he is the one in the video making the comments.

His complaint was that the video is being shared by what he says is a conspiracy site, not an accredited media outlet.

The video is posted to Twitter — where anyone in the audience can view it — by an independent Twitter user who does not appear to be associated with any organization or group. Dominick also declined to explain what he meant by his comments during the 59-second clip.

‘I am a candidate for school administrator. So, like I said, I’m not out to give this energy at all. This goes against what we’re working towards and I’m not interested in tackling some kind of deliberate slander or slander that really has no value,” he said.

He added that it is important that “we practice discernment in these times of the information age.”

“This information is shared where it is not, there are no quotes or references, or who posted it or who took it. There’s just absolutely no credibility to this site,” he said, calling it misinformation.

“That’s what we’re really talking about here, which is spreading misinformation intended to cause harm. I’m not interested in entertaining that,” he said.

When asked if he believed the video was fake or if it wasn’t actually in the video, he replied again, “I don’t like giving anything from an unaccredited site any time or energy”.

In the public Facebook group SD42 Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge Board Watch BCDominick has been faced with more questions about the video.

Group director Elizabeth Taylor asked him how he and the 28 other anti-mandate candidates think they are going to change the school curriculum?

To which Dominick replies: “Elizabeth, I am not against anything, except perhaps defamation, hate speech and labels and do not appreciate the discriminatory label. Isn’t that what we are trying to remedy?”

Then moderator Loraine Anchor asks him how to reconcile this comment with what he said at the rally.

“Eliminating people you think are elitist, etc. fits the description of hate speech,” she told him.

Dominick replies again, “I will not energize this issue online again because I feel it takes away the real debate and conversation about real issues. This information was also disseminated by an unknown conspiracy site, didn’t it? I think it’s time we all take responsibility for the information we share and use discernment to tell the difference.”

The conversation ends with Anchor saying, “Brian Dominick, it’s you speaking. You can’t deny that. People need to know who they are voting for.”

Another member of the group, David Akerflug, posted the video saying it is beyond disturbing.

“It preys on people’s fears in an effort to incite hatred. And extremely anti-Semitic. As a parent in your district of Jewish children, I will do what I can to make sure you have no say in the education of my children,” Akerflug said.

A Fraser Valley Freedom Convoy, a Convoy to Support Brian Dominick for School Trustee, will take place on Friday afternoon, September 30, and will make its way from Langley, through West Maple Ridge, to Pitt Meadows and then into Coquitlam. It is organized by the groups Union of the People and the Canadian Freedom Coalition – groups that oppose vaccine mandates.

The Canadian Freedom Coalition’s local social media page features information on fighting COVID-19 vaccine mandates, including videos of vaccine protests in Maple Ridge and the Lower Mainland, an ad for a presentation on natural immunity and vaccination, and more.

Union of the People’s online content includes information claiming that the Pfizer vaccine threatens a person’s life rather than saves it and asks whether Pfizer has hidden any documents about the vaccine.

Health Canada states that vaccines and boosters are safe and effective to help prevent serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

The group Action4Canada, which calls itself a grassroots movement opposing the “destructive policies that are tearing the fabric of this nation,” with members committed to protecting faith, family and freedom, is promoting the event.

This is the same group behind local freedom demonstrations against vaccine passports and COVID-19 mandates. The group also held an anti-vaccination protest through Webster’s Corners Elementary School in October 2021, where they distributed HPV vaccine information sheets to parents who drop their children off for class.

Andrew Dodge, head of the Ridge Meadows chapter for Action4Canada, signed Dominick’s nomination papers.

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