Mad TV Star Reveals Advice From Paul Heyman Ahead Of WWE Segment

Will Sasso has had his share of run-ins with wrestling personalities.

The former “Mad TV” star recently appeared on “Casual Conversations” to discuss his wrestling fandom, all of the fun cameos that Sasso has made on television, and even some of the precious advice that has been gifted to him by wrestling luminaries.

Among other stories, Sasso recounted being backstage before an appearance on “WWE SmackDown.” Sasso was set to play an imitation of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, as presented by Chris Jericho. Sasso’s Austin was supposed to be interrupted by the real deal, and before the segment, Paul Heyman gave Sasso a bit of advice from another wrestling legend. “‘I’ll tell you something Rick Rude taught me,’” Sasso said, imitating Heyman’s voice. “‘When you’re out there, and Stone Cold’s music hits … pretend there’s a pencil up your ass and try to break it with your cheeks.”

The advice floored the longtime wrestling fan. “I said ‘That’s awesome, I’m definitely doing that.’” Sasso went on to say that there was no acting note or any other kind of critique that he could receive “over f*cking Paul Heyman telling me ‘Rick Rude said pretend you’re breaking a pencil in your ass.’ Thank you Mr. Heyman, I’m doing that.”

With his head still spinning from the advice, Sasso was then greeted by none other than Vince McMahon, who “has the most presence on the planet.”

“‘When Stone Cold’s music hits,’” Sasso said, imitating Vince, “‘you’re terrified, you’re horrified,’ and I’m just like, ‘This is unbelievable.’” Sasso said that while everyone’s advice was helpful, “you don’t really have to pretend” when Stone Cold is coming down to the ring and the crowd is thirsty for a Stunner. “If you’re guesting on that show, wrestling fans are like, ‘f*ck off.’”

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