Married GMA Co-Hosts Amy Robach & TJ Holmes In Month-Long Affair! Caught on video!

If you’ve ever watched a morning show and the co-hosts’ chemistry made you wonder if they’ve ever been in a relationship… boy oh boy, do we have a story for you!

T. J. Holmes joined Good morning America a few years ago, and at that time he and Amy Robach quickly became the best of friends. Fans of the show will remember the time when they trained and ran the New York Half Marathon together. Well, it turns out that they got earlier Lake than friends — according to a bombshell new report DailyMail. comthe co-hosts have been having an affair for about five months!

That’s a big deal since they are both married!!

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TJ has been married since 2010 to a lawyer named Marilee Fiebig. (A lawyer? Phew, probably not wise to piss her off…) Not only have they been together for 12 years, they also share a daughter. Here, TJ and Marilee discuss the secret to a perfect marriage on the red carpet in 2012.

Inwardly, Amy has also married for 12 years. You may recognize her husband: Andrew Shueaka Billy van Melrose place! They were an IRL Brady Brunch as he has three sons from a previous relationship and she has two daughters from her first marriage.

Andrew was also friends with TJ as they were all part of the half marathon crew. Marilee even spent time with them on double dates. An insider spilled:

“Everyone knows that Amy and TJ have been good friends for a long time, running together and even socializing as a foursome with each other’s spouses.”

The thing is, there was some socializing that the spouses knew nothing about, between just the GMA stars. DM on Wednesday posted a series of photos and videos of Amy and TJ hanging out together at the bar, on the streets of NYC, after a workout. Most of it could be written off as innocent, friendly hangouts for colleagues. But not everything!

There are some very damning moments where the secret couple is caught in the act, so to speak. First there’s a picture of them through a car window, where they thought no one was looking – and they’re holding hands! Fingers intertwined, a total moment of holding a pair.

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But the big moment is when the couple was caught on video unpacking on a little romantic getaway at a cabin in the woods just two weeks past. Walking behind her, JT can be seen giving Amy’s ass a playful pat. She hardly reacts – it’s the intimate playfulness of a man who has touched a woman’s slipper many times. Butt hi, have a look and judge for yourself!

DM did some digging and were able to guess that the affair had started at least in June. Insiders told the outlet that people noticed something was different “when they were together in London filming the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for ABC” — and their colleagues started “buzzing about the intimacy between them.”

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Was it before then? We wouldn’t be surprised if the seeds are planted during marathon training. It was springtime in NYC, they spent all that time getting hot and sweaty together… That’s where our money is. “Robes,” as TJ calls her, bragged at the time about how she was able to “work the rest of my work/family life around our runs.” mm-hm…

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes in Marathon with Chelsea Clinton
‘Robes’ and TJ pose with boyfriend Chelsea Clinton during marathon. / (c) Amy Robach/Instagram

In retrospect, some of their social media posts from that era seem to have been hidden in plain sight. Such as a Instagram from July in which they both wear pink, which Amy endorsed:

“TJ just loves it when we match.”

And then there was the time when Holmes posted a photo of the El Lay co-hosts back in March ABC news president Kim Godwin – which is titled:

“Yeah, the head of ABC News had to fly all the way to LA to make sure we were on our best behavior.”

For what it’s worth, Godwin denied knowing about a relationship. By the way, look no more for any of those posts — both stars completely deleted their IG accounts as soon as news of the affair hit. Not exactly something innocent people do! Just sayin’!

Daily mail may have been breaking the news of the affair to the public, but it seems the couple came to terms with their significant others after a few months. According to the outlet, both anchors quietly separated from their partners in August. However, they still seem to be keeping their relationship a secret – maybe because of how the public will react? Or it will ruin their jobs? We think we will see…

What do YOU ​​think about these two co-stars becoming lovers? Did you see it coming?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN/Amy Robach/Instagram/GMA/YouTube.]

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