Matt Buschmann’s Wife Sara Walsh Has Jokes About Aaron Judge

Sara Walsh is thousands of miles away from her husband, Blue Jays bullpen coach Matt Buschmann, but she is well aware of the historic night set in Toronto.

Moments after Yankees superstar Aaron Judge hit home run No. 61 to equal Roger Maris’ record, the sports channel, 44, reported went to Twitter then it was revealed that Buschmann, 38, initially bit the ball.

Matt Buschmann, the Blue Jays bullpen coach, and wife Sara Walsh, a sports broadcaster.
Matt Buschmann, the Blue Jays bullpen coach, and wife Sara Walsh, a sports broadcaster.
Instagram/Sarah Walsh

“Bad news is that I’m battling a hurricane here in Florida, but the good news is that I can announce my retirement…” Walsh commented on Hurricane Ian, which hit the state hard.

A short time later, Walsh – who has been married to Buschmann since 2014 – joked about a possible divorce because he simply passed the ball to the Yankees without checking on those closest to him.

“Oh, great. He just gave that back without checking if our house is still there? Next, I want to announce our separation,” Walsh tweeted in a separate message.

Buschmann passed the ball to Yankees security, per WFA.

Hours before Judge hit the historic homer of Tim Mayza of the Blue Jays in the top of the seventh inning of Wednesday’s game, Walsh shared a post on her Instagram story from a loved one that read: all yearning for your life while Matt is in TOR hoping Aaron Judge doesn’t homer on one of his boys.”

Well, as Walsh put it in a follow-up post, “Things have taken a turn for the worse.”

The Yankees, who captured the AL East title on Tuesday-evening, closed their three-game series in Toronto on Wednesday with an 8-3 victory.

Judge’s first attempt at number 62 returns Friday night in The Bronx against the Orioles.

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