Mclusky postpones the remaining North American dates due to Andy Falkous’ ear problems

mclusky were due to kick off the second leg of their North American tour in Oakland on Sunday, but the dates have now been postponed as frontman Andy Falkous deals with a variety of chronic ear problems.

“Hi guys – I’m afraid we’ll have to postpone our shows in the US until further notice – and seriously think about our Australian dates in January,” Falkous wrote in a statement. “after an innocent, fun rehearsal three weeks ago – during which, as usual, I wore hearing protection – I was plagued by various ear problems, including tinnitus and apparent hyperacusis, and am utterly unable to perform, barely able to exist in the world right now (the idea of ​​getting on a plane is extremely terrifying, and I’m not just talking about the vegetarian meal options) I’ve sought advice from ENT specialists, audiologists and my GP and have more money spent more than I’ve ever spent on anything before trying to solve this problem, but no dice so far.”

Falkous says the band wants to reschedule as soon as possible. “I feel particularly bad for anyone who comes to the Oakland date — I’m not used to canceling any shows at all, let alone one. When we get back, I’ll make everyone a goddamn cake or something. “

“The best chance we have of doing this again – and doing this well – is for me to take the time to rest and get as good as I can,” continues Falkous. “Believe me, this is not a decision taken lightly – the financial implications for us and me in particular are devastating, coupled with the unlikeliness that I will be able to make a living doing the only thing I can do is so terrifying I can’t even think of a joke to end this rather long sentence unfortunately the fees have yet to be paid so maybe I’ll have a small sale of merch/poster/equipment soon mostly benefiting our crew so please if you can keep an eye out I was happy to say we had an album planned for next year (we had songs and a title AND EVERYTHING) but now of course that’s on hold – although not cancelled, fuck that, we’re gonna do this thing, and do it right.”

Mclusky’s 20th Anniversary Tour Mclsky Do Dallaswould take place in Brooklyn on December 1. Read Falkous’ full statement below.

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