Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow Tease “Romy and Michele” Sequel

ROME AND MICHELE'S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, Lisa Kudrow, Mira Sorvino, 1997, (c)Buena Vista Photos/Courtesy of Everett Collection

Looks like a sequel to the 1997 classic “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” is in the works — er, Post-it Notes. On June 29, Mira Sorvino appeared on “Today” and confessed that the team is “coming closer” to a follow-up project. “There is nothing official to report, but I can unofficially hint that we are closer than ever to making something happen,” she said.

Lisa Kudrow also hinted at a sequel the same day when she appeared in “The Jess Cagle Show” on SiriusXM, saying that the writer of the original film, Robin Schiff, is “thinking about it and coming up with something. Isn’t it so exciting?”

Kudrow and Sorvino previously thrilled fans of the beloved film when they reunited at a party in 2019. The pair also dropped a not-so-subtle nod to the film on February 22 when they appeared at the SAG Awards together, in matching outfits inspired by the iconic costumes worn by their “Romy and Michele” characters.

Shortly after that appearance, Kudrow expressed her support for a sequel. “I think it would be a lot of fun. And then a bit of, ‘What are they like at our age?'” she said in a March 15 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

The original “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” told the story of Kudrow’s Michele Weinberger and Sorvino’s Romy White, two 28-year-olds who live together and haven’t accomplished much since high school. In an effort to impress their classmates at their 10-year high school reunion, they make up fake stories about their lives and appear with elaborate ensembles. Of course things don’t go as planned.

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