MODOK Star Patton Oswalt Reacts To Cancellation

Modoc No more. On Friday afternoon, word quickly spread that Hulu has canceled Marvel’s MODOK after one season. Now, the evil mastermind had broken his silence on the matter. Shortly after news of the cancellation broke, Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to express his gratitude to everyone he worked with on the series.

“*sigh* ok,” the comedian tweeted. “I have to work with the best writers, the dream voice team, and Marvel Let’s make a mess of their box. Another great experience. Forward!”

Modoc It was the premiere of Hulu’s “OffendersVerse,” a series of adult-oriented animated shows set to cross each other. Soon after Marvel Studios took control of Marvel Television, two of those shows — Tigra & Dazzler and Howard the Duck — were sent to the chopping block. Modoc And success-Monkey was allowed to continue due to the extent to which both shows were in production. Now, it’s totally expected monkey hit will also be cancelled.

when we talked with Modoc Showrunner Jordan Bloom said last year that the show would have gone wild with mutants and other X-Men characters if he had been chosen for a sophomore outing.

It would be heavier than X-Men, I’ll tell you that much,” the writing said at the time. “I have to do season two. Before we got the approval to use some of them, I was like, ‘Let me see how much their lawyer knows about these characters,’ so, you know, Lily Cheney is in the pilot and he’s like, ‘Well, we got away with that.'” Let’s see what we can do next.”

He added, “The gates of the X-Men opened a flood,” Bloom admits. “Yeah, there are some bigger, bigger guys that I would love to have season two. You know, I think I would love to write a Storm/MODOK scene if I were allowed to… my big choices, yeah.”

first seasons MODOK, Monkey HitAnd Hellstrom It’s all streaming to Hulu now.

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