More and more Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon look like the foundation of Packers attack

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers certainly sounds like he expects running backs Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon to be the foundation of the team’s new strike in 2022.

Not only does Rodgers think Jones and Dillon can take 50 passes each this season, but he expects the Packers to find ways to get both players on the field together and he is confident that the focal point of the plan will give them football. will be in space.

“We’re going to have to use him and 28,” Rodgers said after Tuesday’s joint practice with the Saints. “You saw today, we had them in multiple packs where they are both in the backfield. We have a lot of stuff from that. We drove to both. We’ve got swing passes for them. We have screens. We have things on the field. We have action gear. We have scat protection. We have protective equipment for six men, seven men. There’s a lot on offense for those two guys. We have to be the best 11 on the field and it looks like those two are in our best 11.”

Last season, Jones and Dillon had a total of 2,306 yards and 17 touchdowns. In the passing game, Jones caught 54 passes, while Dillon finished with 34. Both were career highs.

Jones and Dillon both getting more than 50 catches is certainly possible in 2022.

“I think 50 is very realistic. I think 50 is realistic for both guys,” Rodgers said.

To get to 50 catches, it takes about three per game over a full schedule of 17 matches for both players.

Rodgers said he trusts Jones as a receiver “always” and in all situations. Dillon continues to work on his passing game skills as he aims to become an ‘all-purpose back’ in 2022.

Earlier this month, Rodgers complimented Dillon’s development as a receiver.

“His ability to catch passes is really solid,” said Rodgers. “He has made difficult catches easy in recent years and this training camp. I couldn’t be more proud of 28 and his approach.”

With the reception space in transition, Rodgers said bringing both backs together on the pitch should be a focal point of the schedule. The team’s use of the two-back look dropped significantly after the Packers lost to Jamaal Williams in 2021, but the formation could make a big comeback this year.

“I have a feeling 28 and 33 on the field will be important. I need to figure out how to do that,” Rodgers said.

Perhaps most importantly, the loss of Davante Adams this offseason has opened the door for Jones and Dillon becoming the go-to players every week.

“Last year you wanted to get the ball in the hands of 17 in space,” said Rodgers. “This year 33 and 28 will have a lot more chances.”

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