More RBA rate hikes are coming; Crown Sydney wins conditional license; Housing shortages could cost the nation $ 25 billion a year; suspension of the energy market must be lifted; John Barilaro’s job in New York is under investigation; NSW, ACT teachers’ strike scheduled for 30 June

Energy Minister Chris Bowen will meet with AEMO staff today and has offered the market operator his full support despite concerns about whether generators are playing the system.

“AEMO operated under the law of the land and they did what they were supposed to do and AEMO gets a lot of the credit for being able to work to keep the lights on and keep the system running,” Bowen told ABC News Breakfast this. morning.

Federal Energy Secretary Chris Bowen says there are still risks in the electricity market.

Federal Energy Secretary Chris Bowen says there are still risks in the electricity market.Credit:Rhett Wyman

“They had to make a big call last Thursday and did so with my full support and the support of the ministers of state and territory. I saw some ill-informed comments from some in politics who do not know what they are talking about, but it was what we had to do and the system worked.AEMO worked very well.

“I’m going there this afternoon, to AEMO, to talk to the staff who have worked so hard over the last week or so to make this system work. It’s been a tough situation and it was a big one. calls, but we want to do what we have to do as a government, they want to do what they have to do as an operator to keep the lights on, consumers come first.

“We have not come enough generation in the last decade to replace the generation that may leave.

“There has been no plan for the transition to renewable energy. We have enough storage space. We will arrange this, but in the short term the task is to keep the lights on, and that is what we will continue to focus on. ”

Bowen said his government was committed to getting 82 percent of the power from renewable energy by 2030.

“2030 – it’s actually not that far away,” Bowen told ABC News Breakfast.

“It is a big job to move it to 82 percent renewable energy by 2030. It is possible to achieve the emission reductions and do our part to reduce the climate change that we were chosen to do. We need to build 10,000 km of renewable lines and energy , from which it is produced.And we have a big task ahead of us with storage.

“Deniers and delayers say renewable energy is unreliable, but when stored, it is very reliable. That’s what we need to do. Very little of that has happened in the last decade.

“We will work with the states and territories to ensure that this is the case.”

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