Mother, stepfather and teenager sentenced to life in prison for the murder of five-year-old Logan Mwangi | british news

A mother, stepfather and teenager have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of five-year-old Logan Mwangi.

Logan’s body was discovered in the Ogmore River in Bridgend on July 31, 2021 – just 250 yards from his home.

A trial at Cardiff Crown Court heard he suffered 56 external cuts and bruises, as well as “catastrophic” internal injuries.

He was wearing mismatched pajamas and is said to have suffered a “cruel and persistent attack”.

Logan’s injuries were described as being similar to victims of high-speed crashes or people falling from a height.

Angharad Williamson, 31, was found guilty of murder along with her 40-year-old partner John Cole and a 14-year-old boy who cannot be named by name due to his age.

She was told she would serve at least 28 years behind bars, while Cole would serve a minimum of 29 years.

The teen will be held for at least 15 years.

Judge Jefford, who is issuing the sentence, said: “You are responsible for Logan’s death and all the pain that has resulted.

“Since he was murdered in his own home, it is not possible to know for sure what happened to him.”

The judge said Logan was only 3ft 5in tall before his death – and he weighed just 3rd 1lb.

“Inflicting these injuries on a small, defenseless five-year-old is nothing short of appalling,” she said.

John Cole and Angharad Williamson, jailed at Cardiff Crown Court for the murder of her five-year-old son Logan Mwangi
John Cole and Angharad Williamson

Teen heard singing ‘I love to punch kids’

Prosecutors said Logan had been “dehumanized” in the months and weeks leading up to his death. His stuttering had gotten worse, he was peeing more often and he was starting to hurt himself.

Cole had told friends he didn’t like the boy – and it was said that his attitude towards Logan changed after he became obsessed with the idea that Williamson was cheating on Logan’s father, Ben Mwangi.

And a counselor had heard the 14-year-old sing, “I like kids, I like kids, I like hitting kids on the head. It’s orgasmic.”

A protective referral was made after Logan suffered a broken arm in August 2020 – but a month before his death, the family was removed from the child protection register, meaning there was no longer any risk of significant harm.

Logan also suffered a broken collarbone in the weeks before he died, but never received medical treatment.

Logan Mwangi was discovered in the Ogmore River in Pandy Park, Bridgend
Logan Mwangi |

Boys’ room ‘like a dungeon’

On July 20, 2021 – 11 days before his body was found – Logan tested positive for COVID and was locked in his bedroom, with a baby gate that prevented him from leaving.

Caroline Rees QC, prosecutor, said: “He was held like a prisoner in his small bedroom in the flat you saw, a room Williamson compared to a dungeon.”

Logan’s father Ben had been out of contact with his son since April 2019 – and hadn’t heard that he was on the child protection register.

An investigation into Logan’s death has been launched and will be led by the Cwm Taf Morgannwg Safeguarding Board, which includes local councils and the police, probation service and NHS.

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