ms. Marvel Episode 4 Asks 7 Questions About Kamala And The Red Dagger

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mrs. Marvel episode 4.

Mrs. Marvel Episode 4 brings Kamala to Pakistan and introduces new characters that raise a lot of questions about the series. The public is finally introduced to Kamala’s grandmother, Sana, when Kamala and her mother, Muneeba, travel to Karachi at Sana’s request. This in turn introduces Karachi to a new set of players in Kamala’s battle with the ClanDestines.

Mrs. Marvel Episode 4 features Easter eggs surrounding Karachi that eagle-eyed viewers may recognize from the comics, which Kamala gets to see while being taken on an unenthusiastic tour by two cousins ​​she hasn’t seen since childhood. Finally breaking away from them to get a chance to view the train from her perspective, she encounters a red-masked figure who mistakes her for one of the ClanDestines and engages her in a fight. This seemingly new ally, known as the Red Dagger, eventually realizes his mistake and takes Kamala to his hideout, where she learns many new things about jinn and the ClanDestines.


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Getting close to the train from her vision in Mrs. Marvel Episode 3 brings Kamala closer to information about Aisha and her parentage than she’s ever been. The introduction of the Red Dagger is something straight out of the comics, but his character and lineage has changed somewhat – something that has become common in Mrs. Marvel to date With all these new developments and characters coming into play, questions are swirling around the new installment. Here’s a rundown of the most prominent questions from: Mrs. Marvel episode 4:

Who is the red dagger?


Known in the comics as Laal Khanjeer (translating from Urdu to English roughly as “Red Dagger“), Kareem is a vigilante in Pakistan who isn’t super powerful. He’s great with knives and incredibly nimble and agile – especially after learning parkour from the run of the original Ms. Marvel comics.

Mrs. Marvel Episode 4 introduces the Red Dagger as Kareem (Aramis Knight), the latest in a long line of Red Daggers protecting Karachi from alien forces like the ClandDestines. He doesn’t appear to have superpowers, but he does say he can sense the Norwegian, suggesting a change from his comic book counterpart. His mentor, Waleed, is somehow attached to Aisha and is capable enough to match and even kill the ClanDestines.

That the Red Dagger is a kind of cloak that is passed on is a departure from the comics, but an interesting way of linking the character to the new story developed for Mrs. Marvel. It seems that Aisha was the key to arming them with knowledge and helping the group fight the jinn known as ClanDestines in Mrs. Marvel, suggests her own schism from the group. While still not much is known about the Red Dagger’s group or their range, Kareem and Waleed show they are capable allies in Mrs. Marvel episode 4.

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Does Kamala have to wear the bracelet to use her powers?

Mrs. Marvel Kamala Khan Bracelet

Mrs. Marvel episode 2 established that Kamala’s powers come from within, but she has yet to be shown using them without wearing the bracelet. It’s not entirely clear if the bracelet acts as some sort of focus for skills or if she’s just more comfortable wearing it than leaving it at home. Maybe by the end of Mrs. Marvelher reliance on the bracelet – or lack thereof – will become more apparent.

What does the inscription on Kamala’s bracelet mean?

Ms Marvel Bracelet Powers

The mystery surrounding Kamala’s bracelet in Mrs. Marvel continues to delve deeper with the new unveiling of his inscription in Mrs. Marvel episode 4. Translated by Waleed, Kamala’s bracelet reads: “What you seek is seeking you.The question then is what Kamala is actually looking for. There are indications that she is looking for her identity or to learn more about her origin. Other possibilities include Aisha herself, the other bracelet referenced in Mrs. Marvel Episode 3, or something more vague. Perhaps it is something as simple as Kamala seeking her target and the bracelet representing a target already waiting for her. Whatever it may be, it’s likely to show up as an important part of the plot in the final episodes of Mrs. Marvel

What’s special about Kamala’s new vest?

Mrs. Marvel Fabric

During her last encounter with Waleed, Kamala is given a blue vest that says “has history in every threadKamala is putting together a costume everywhere Mrs. Marvel‘s run, after she already got her mask from Bruno. While promotional images show her final costume will not include a vest, she can use the material as a reminder of Waleed, the Red Daggers, and her culture. The garment itself doesn’t seem to be special in a super-powerful way, but it probably has a deeper meaning that will become apparent in future installments.

What’s up with all the Ant-Man in Mrs. Marvel?

Ms Marvel Episode 4 Ant-Man Easter Egg

Mrs. Marvel episode 4 has another explicit reference to Ant-Man. At the train station in Karachi hangs a large mural by Scott Lang that reads: “You can start small and still be bigger than life.Scott has apparently gained international popularity thanks to a podcast he hosts that chronicles all of the Avengers’ actions before and during the events of Avengers: Endgame† This could explain Mrs. Marvel‘s strange fixation on Ant-Man, but it seems more likely that the series is being used to hype audiences for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in 2023. Kamala may appear in the third Ant-Man episode, using her cosmic powers and a new understanding of other realms to aid the titular hero.

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Did Kamala just travel through time?

Kamala Khan Mrs Marvel Bangle Time Travel

Mrs. Marvel Kamala’s bracelet has given her visions in the past, but what happens to her at the end of it? Mrs. Marvel Episode 4 feels and looks different from anything seen so far. When Najma attacks Kamala directly, Kamala fends off the blow with her bracelet and is suddenly thrust into an all-new scene at the train station with the last train to Karachi departing during the partition of India. It doesn’t look like a vision, instead it looks like Kamala has traveled in time Mrs. Marvel episode 4.

Will Kamala be the one to get Sana on the train to Karachi?

Mrs. Marvel Train Vision

If Kamala has truly traveled through time through the bracelet’s mysterious powers, she will likely be the one to get Sana back to her father on the train to Karachi. Sana described the experience as following a trail of stars, very much in keeping with Kamala’s powers. This could also solve the mystery of where Aisha disappeared to that night: if Kamala really did travel back in time, maybe she’ll meet Aisha and take her back to the future so they can save the day together.

With all these new developments in Mrs. Marvel Episode 4, Episodes 5 and 6 are sure to pack mighty punches. Considering that Mrs. Marvel Breaking MCU records by being inventive with its story and adaptation so far, there are almost guaranteed to be more twists and turns in the final episodes. Where the story of Mrs. Marvel After that, it’s sure to raise even more questions and mysteries for Kamala and the MCU.

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