My City Hall, speak bilingually to me! | Letters To Editor

The City of Montreal continues to send out information in French only which much of its population only partially understand. This ignorance creates errors and/or procrastination in appropriately doing or responding to what is requested; it simply creates a failure to communicate!

The City must provide bilingual services from itself, its boroughs, civil service departments and paramunicipal agencies throughout the island. No resident should have to request a translation each time which is highly inconvenient when it could have been provided bilingually in the first place.

I fear the next time I attend a city or borough council meeting I will have to talk French only or be prohibited from delivering my important suggestion, solution or initiative. How unfortunate when there are two million in the city, many not fluently bilingual but with more expertise in every area of concern than merely 100 politicians in authority. Yet I often witness the politician responding in French leaving the constituent who made their statement in English utterly baffled and unable to comprehend; and I say to myself the response didn’t answer the question anyway.

Enough is Enough – Diversity Please!

Michael Shafter


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