Netflix Cancels Controversial Series After Just One Season

By James Brizuela
| 10 seconds ago

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Netflix is having a fire sale, and by that, it means they are canceling shows practically every week. The streaming giant has found itself in a ton of trouble lately, and it seems they are attempting to correct its mistakes via some damage control. However, the ones suffering are the show’s creators and the crew that have worked on those shows. Netflix has also spent some time with massive layoffs, which could be those working for the shows they are consistently canceling. The newest show to get the ax is an animated comedy called Q-Force.

Q-Force is just another of the animated ventures that have been rolled back at Netflix. In fact, one of the departments that got hit the hardest in terms of cancelations has been the animated department. Q-Force might be looked at as controversial as well, leaving it an easy target to be canceled by the streaming platform. The 10-episode first season made its way on Netflix in September. One of the writers for the show, Matt Rogers, had revealed the cancelation on a podcast back in May. However, now it has been confirmed the show will not be returning.

This show follows a group of LBGTQ+ spies who have been ostracized from the AIA (American Intelligence Agency). After the leader of the group, Steve Maryweather, comes out as gay to his superiors, he is sent to West Hollywood. He creates a team of spies known as Queer Force. Catchy name. Now the group is attempting to break everyone’s opinions of them by becoming the best group of spies for the AIA. The team handles all manner of missions that include national security risks, workplace discrimination, and attempting to flip the opinion of their director. Q-Force features voices from Sean Hayes, Gary Cole, David Harbour, Patti Harrison, Laurie Metcalf, and Wanda Sykes. It certainly had enough star power to keep itself going, though it has sadly been canceled.

One of the main reasons the Netflix show was easily canceled is that the streaming platform is dialing back on their adult animated shows. Apart from Bojack Horseman and Big Mouththere have not been many other shows that have made such an impact. Plus, the controversy surrounding Q-Force is that the characters were stereotypical LGBTQ+ types, which critics did not like at all. The critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes is a poor 28%. However, fans have liked the show a lot more, as the audience rating is a respectable 78%. The show might have been a somewhat hit with audiences, but that is not enough for Netflix to keep the show going, or for it to be rescued by plenty of the other streaming platforms.

Q-Force is just collateral damage in the wake of the Netflix cancelations due to their ongoing issues. The streaming platform had reported its first drop in subscribers back in April, which led to investors suing the company over information about profits being withheld. Now Netflix has been engaging in canceling plenty of shows and dealing with massive layoffs. Hopefully, things can turn around sooner rather than later.

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