NICKELBACK Frontman At PANTERA Reunion: ‘As Long As PHILIP ANSELMO Brings It, It Will Be Awesome’

NICKEL BACK front man Chad Kroeger weighed in on the news that PANTERthe surviving members Philip Anselmo (singing) and Rex Brown (bass) will unite with guitarist Zak Wylde (OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX) for a world tour under the PANTER banner.

Anselmo and Browntogether with Wylde and blessingwill headline a number of major festivals in North America and Europe and perform some of their own headline concerts.

According to Billboardthe lineup has been given the green light by the estates of the band’s founders, drummer Vincent “Vinnie Paul” Abbott and guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbottlike Brownwho said last year Wylde would not tour with PANTER if there was a reunion. It’s not clear what made him change his mind.

Kroeger discussed his view on the PANTER comeback in an interview with L.A. Lloyd. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Well, selfish, I want to see those songs performed live. If you listen to a PANTER record and you think to yourself – well, like we thought last time, i don’t know how many years, since the band broke up – it’s, like, ‘oh, i’ll never get to see these songs [performed] Live again.’ And it’s heartbreaking. So the fact that the guys are being called in from here and there… [I] love Bag; [I] love Charlie – great, great guys. I think the fact that they go on stage and do this… All of them Philo need to do is just go up and crush it.

“I was going to see that,” he continued. “I would buy a ticket to go to that show. I want to see it. I want to scream those songs. And I think call it more of a tribute, probably closer to what it’s going to be, which is great; that’s great. People who like that music who want to recreate it live every night … And as I said, as long as Philo bring it, it’s gonna be great. Just to be able to sit back and watch those guys fix it… And I think all PANTER fans will love it.

“Anyone who sits back and hates the idea, I think when it comes to the city, they’ll do the same thing with those people who say they don’t like it NICKEL BACKChad added. “They’re always on the show. Strangely — shocker! It’s like, ‘Ah, I hate those guys. They suck.’ ‘Do you go?’ ‘Naturally’ [Laughs]”

PANTER will play its first shows in over 20 years in December 2022, starting with a co-headlining slot in Mexico’s Hell & Heaven Metal Festfollowed by performances on three knot party festivals in South America.

PANTER will perform at Hell & Heaven Metal Fest on Friday, December 2 at Foro Pegaso in Toluca. Knotfest Colombia is scheduled for Friday December 9 at Campin Circuit in Bogotá. Knotfest Chile is scheduled for Sunday 11 December at Estadio Monumental in Santiago. Knotfest Brazil follows on Sunday 18 December at Sambadrome do Anhembi in São Paulo.

blessing told “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” about how he plans to PANTER performance: “I can’t do this as the drummer of ANTHRAX because it would be a totally different sound. So the way I’m going to do that is if you close your eyes it’s going to sound like it does Vinnie, In principle. And so it will be. The sound will sound exactly like him.”

Wylde said he had a similar mindset. “You approach it the same way as when I play with Ozzy“, he said. “Of course I have to learn [Randy] Rhodesare things and i have to learn Jake‘s [E. Lee] things, and when I was busy with the [BLACK] SABBATH things, you learn it and do it as faithfully as you can. Charliemust learn everything Vinnie‘s parts. You approach it like you’re in a cover band. When we get the ZAKK SABBATH things,” referring to his BLACK SABBATH cover band, “I don’t start changing lyrics halfway through ‘War pigs’. You learn the songs – so that’s what you do.”

Talk about a possible PANTER “reunion” intensified when Anselmo became a regular member Wylde‘s BLACK LABEL SOCIETY to perform PANTERthe song “I’m exhausted” during DOWN‘s 2014 stint at the “Revolver Golden Gods Tour”. That buzz only got stronger after that Brown joined the jam on May 23, 2014 as the tour meandered through Texas.

Until his passing, Vinnie stayed on non-speaking terms with Anselmowhat the drummer indirectly blamed dime bag‘s death.

Vinnie Paul and dime bag co-founder PANTER. When PANTER broke up in 2003, they formed DAMAGE PLAN. On December 8, 2004, during a performance with DAMAGE PLAN at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, dime bag was shot and killed onstage by a troubled schizophrenic who believed the members of PANTER were stealing his mind.

2005, NICKEL BACK recorded a song called “Side of a Bullet”which was inspired by the death of dime bag. Chad Kroeger wrote the song’s aggressive, metallic riff first, then wrote call-and-response lyrics from a PANTER fan so furious about dime bag‘s murder that he swears revenge, not realizing that the shooter had already been killed by a police officer. “Side of a Bullet” characterized by a previously unheard guitar solo by darrell which was co-edited from outtakes from various PANTER albums. The song was written shortly after dime bag is killed.

“I was very upset, and seeing his picture somewhere for two months would make me angry,” he said. Kroeger told “I’d never lost anyone to a shooting – it wasn’t like he’d been killed in some accident. He was taken in such a horrible, evil way that it only made it more painful.”

Once Kroeger finished demonstrating “Side of a Bullet”he called Vinnie Paul and played it for him to get his take on the tune. Paul liked what he heard and insisted Kroeger to write lyrics Dime. “I said, ‘Well, funnily enough, that song is about your brother'” Kroeger recalled.

Vinnie Paul offered to play the song so Kroeger overnighted him the tape and encouraged him to record a new drum track over the track played by NICKEL BACK drummer Daniel Adair. ‘He thought about it for a while’ Kroeger said, “Then he decided that… Daniel did such a great job that we had to leave it as it was. Then he sent the guitar parts of ‘Vulgar display of power’ and ‘Driven far beyond’which we used for the solo.”

Chad spoke to launch about the first time he played the song for Vinnie Paul. “I called VinnieI wanted to get his blessing, and I play him the tune and I tell him this is bad PANTER-inspired riff,” Chad said. He was looking forward to it. He was figuring it out over the phone, and then he’s like, ‘You know what, dude? You gotta write one for it Dime.’ And I said, “Well, I wasn’t sure how to get into this, but that’s what the song is about, and I want your blessing on it.” And he says, ‘Brother, of course you have my blessing.'”

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