Ninth Avenue Bridge officially opens between Inglewood and East Village

A bridge connecting the East Village and Inglewood is now fully open for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The Ninth Avenue S.E. bridge replaced the 110-year-old crossing into Inglewood. The project was more than $2 million over budget and delayed by more than a year-and-a-half.

“Bridge projects of this type and scale have very unique challenges and opportunities, which makes achieving this milestone all the more rewarding for the entire team,” said project manager Evan Fer.

Initially set to cost $23 million and be completed by the end of 2020, issues with the steel supply pushed the timeline back and increased the budget. The final cost for the bridge comes in at $25.1 million, with $5.24 million coming from the province and $7 million coming from the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation.

The new bridge improves flood resiliency and enhances the walking and cycling connections between the two areas.

The structure opened to limited vehicle traffic in February of this year, but pathway work for pedestrians continued into June.

A temporary bridge over the Elbow River allowed traffic to flow through construction. The temporary crossing was removed in April.

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