‘No greater deterrent’ to Channel migrants than speedy deportation, says David Davis

There would be “no greater deterrent” to migrants considering making the perilous journey across the Channel in a small boat than the prospect of being quickly deported on arrival, David Davis said.

The former Brexit secretary has coordinated a letter from more than 50 Tory MPs to Rishi Sunak urging him to pass emergency laws to deal with the migrant crossing crisis on the Channel.

They want changes to modern day slavery laws to make it easier for people they believe to be “fake asylum seekers,” who say they are victims of human trafficking, to be returned to their home countries.

MPs have also demanded that “economic migrants” coming from “safe countries” such as Albania be returned much more quickly.

Mr Davis told Sky News this morning: “We’re focusing on the one that can be resolved the quickest. This one, if the government passes emergency legislation… there’s a very, very strong case for doing this, it would be a very short Bill.

“It would go on and we would actually say to the Albanian people: now anyone who crosses the Channel will be turned back and when that starts to happen there is no greater deterrent…than when someone in your village pays thousands of euros.” pounds to a human trafficker and ends up back in the village three weeks later.”

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