NYC Mayor Eric Adams says Rudy Giuliani must be investigated for reporting false crime after claiming assault while video showed him being tapped on the back

Earlier this week, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed he was assaulted in a Long Island supermarket while helping to campaign for his son. He described the incident and said he felt a shot to the back that caused him to move forward, but he did not fall. However, the surveillance video showed a less dramatic incident than what Giuliani described.

During his performance on “The daily show‘, New York City Mayor Eric Adams called for an investigation into Giuliani for reporting a false crime.

Adams said to Trevor Noah:

“He has falsely reported a crime and the prosecutor should take that seriously. That person he falsely reported has been in jail for 24 hours, that’s not acceptable. I’m going to call the prosecutor, we have to be consistent, all that theater he did, that’s not acceptable. If it wasn’t for that band, just imagine what would have happened to that man.”

Speaking about the situation, Mayor Adams mentioned the: Central Park Karen incident with Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper. If you all remember, in 2020 Christian was falsely accused of threatening Amy’s life after asking her to keep her dog on a leash.

Daniel Gill, the grocery store employee, was originally charged with second-degree assault. However, according to NBC News, court records show that the charges were later reduced to a felony with intent to cause bodily harm. The records also showed two additional felony counts, third-degree threatening and second-degree harassment.

Check out what Giuliani had to say about the incident earlier this week.

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