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Oche sees a new darts venue land in London

The competitive socialising scene in London (here billed as “gastro gaming”) is getting even bigger with a second dart venue for London (following the very successful Flight Club). This one is called Oche, and although it’s their first London opening, they have already launched around the world in Gothenburg, Oslo, Amsterdam and more (Melbourne’s coming soon too).

Where they aim to differ from other gaming venues, seems to be the food and drink. We’ve seen places paired with street food, burgers and more – but Oche seems to want to take things up a notch. So the Amsterdam venue’s menu features dishes like oven-roasted romanesco and black tiger prawn curry alongside spicy tuna cones and crispy yakitori. We’re yet to see the London menu but we’re going to assume it’s something similar.

As for the games, they’ll be familiar if you’ve been to Flight Club – a dart board paired with a screen, so you can play standard games like killer as well as their own variants like Hoggern.

We’ll have more info closer to the opening.

More about Oche

Where is it? 105 Strand, London WC2R 0AA

When does it open? 12 July 2022

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @ochelondon.

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