Olivia O’Brien did indeed date Pete Davidson

During the podcast “BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards and Brianna Chickenfry” that began streaming Wednesday, Portnoy surprised O’Brien by asking what “was going on: with her and Davidson.

“Where did you hear that?” she replied. “How did you hear that?”

Portnoy pointed to an item on the celebrity gossip site, DeuxMoi.

The “Josslyn” singer confirmed that she and Davidson were in a relationship, although she emphasized that it was “a long time ago” (around October 2020). She described Davidson, who is currently dating Kim Kardashian, as a “nice guy.”

O’Brien said she finds it “annoying” that some men don’t seem to understand the comedian and “SNL” appeal to women.

“He’s hot and he’s really funny,” she said. “And he’s very sweet. He’s a very sweet boy.”

CNN has reached out to representatives for Davidson for comment.

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