Other GMA hosts ‘furious’ over TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s ‘messy’ cheating scandal!

And here comes the inevitable fallout!

Just about everyone is talking about that Good morning America cheating scandal! But if you haven’t heard, co-anchors T. J. Holmes and Amy Robach have taken their on-screen chemistry and turned it into a full-fledged romance! Which is a shame, to say the least, for their respective husbands!

On Wednesday, the couple’s secret fling was revealed — with photos and videos of the pair’s obvious PDA-filled dates going public, including a romantic getaway just two weeks ago with obvious ass grabbing! In light of the drama, a source has confirmed People TJ and Amy are both divorced from their respective partners, Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue in August – but they also claimed that the relationship only started after that. In the meantime, other insiders claimed that sparks started flying for the couple last spring while they were training together for the New York City Half Marathon. And we heard that it was Surely by the time they got to London Queen Elizabeth IIplatinum jubilee in the summer.

It’s easy to assume that their significant others (aged 12 each btw) are distraught over this surprise revelation, but apparently there are many others on the morning show who are also upset – including main anchors George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts!

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That reports a source who presented everything about the scandal The sun on Thursday, the TV mainstays are seriously “furious” over this sexy scandal! Apparently the hosts took great pride in their team’s reputation for demonstrating strong family values ​​and happy marriages… until now! The source presented:

“George and Robin don’t like this. This is very messy.”

It’s not just “messy,” in their opinion, it’s downright problematic.

George and Robin find this controversy SO troubling, according to the source, that they compare it behind the scenes Matt Lauer‘s 2017 sexual misconduct scandal on the Today show! As readers of Perezcious know, Lauer was fired for “inappropriate sexual conduct in the workplace,” per NBC. It was a truly shocking scandal that upset the network (and many viewers) for a long time. hell, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspooneven made a hit Apple TV+ show inspired by it! Is this affair really that bad? The confidant said:

“They prided themselves on not having a sex scandal Today ever did with Matt Lauer. They were so proud that all their hosts were decent, married and committed people.”

To be fair, it sounds like TJ and Amy were both consenting adults who voluntarily got into this affair regardless of the consequences, so we’re not sure if that’s the case. quite as scandalous as Matt’s case. But we can understand why the other GMA hosts want nothing to do with the ordeal!

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To make matters worse, some personal feelings have also been hurt in the reveal of this romance, and we’re not talking about the heartbroken husbands! According to the insider, Amy and Robin had been very close – but now the Brighter by the day author feels personally betrayed! The insider continued:

“Amy and Robin are very close. Robin convinced Amy to get what would eventually become a life-saving mammogram on live TV. Their bond is very strong.”

Robin being so upset certainly won’t help the 49-year-old’s case, as it sounds like the 62-year-old broadcaster has a LOT of control over the show:

“Robin is an idealist. She’s the boss. When something goes off the rails, she jumps in and tells people to clean up the mess. And I’m not so sure there’s a way to clear it out. This is all very nasty for a morning show.”

Yowza. Amy and TJ better start spilling the tea soon – and clearing up this fling timeline – or they could be looking for a job before the new year! Comments, Perezcious Readers?! SOUND OFF (below)!!

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