People Sharing Wild Stories Of Working For The Rich


“I worked for a high-end wedding coordinator in the early 2000s. We were doing a pretty famous rock star’s wedding at a very prominent hotel.”

“Two days before the wedding, the bride started yelling about how the ceremony wouldn’t have enough light. It’s common to make multiple changes in every category before a large wedding, so this was nothing new.

She then demanded that people from the staff go through the whole wedding procession (act as groomsmen, bridesmaids, minister, etc.) while she watched to make sure the light caught. She requested I WEAR A WHITE DRESS and my male coworker get put on a tux so she could ‘envision the moment.’ WE DID THIS FOR THREE HOURS.

She hated everything and called her groom crying saying we were messing everything up. He came down, and you could tell he was utterly embarrassed at how she was acting and got her to calm down. We ended up changing nothing, he apologized to my director, and they got married.”

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