Plastic cup ban in WA from Saturday

The sale or supply of single-use plastic cups for cold drinks is prohibited in Western Australia.

The ban, which comes into effect from Saturday, follows a similar measure against other single-use plastics such as plates, cutlery and straws earlier this year.

Together, the measures will save 430 million single-use plastics each year in landfills or litter in WA.

Environment Minister Reece Whitby said Western Australians had already embraced the changes.

“This is another positive step in reducing our impact on the environment, which has the overwhelming support of the public,” he said.

The state government has also called on companies to switch.

But it said it would continue to take a common sense, education-first approach to enforce the ban.

It said people who needed single-use plastics to maintain their quality of life, such as those in disability, aged care and health care, would be assured of a continuous supply.

The government will then focus on single-use plastic coffee cups.

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