Poilievre faces calls to apologize, misogynistic YouTube tags explain

YouTube videos uploaded to conservative leader Pierre Poilievre’s YouTube channel include a tag linked to a misogynistic men’s rights movement — and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling on him to apologize.

“MGTOW”, which stands for “Men Going Their Own Way”, was a tag on YouTube videos on Poilievre’s channel dating back to 2018. Global News first reported the story and reported finding the tag on 50 of Poilievre’s most recent YouTube videos.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called on Poilievre on Thursday to apologize in the House of Commons.

“Without Global News, we would not have learned that the conservative leader has purposely used his videos to target far-right, misogynistic online movements,” Trudeau said in the House of Commons.

“These are anti-women movements and they have had devastating effects in real life. Mr President, I call on the Conservative leader to stand in this House, take responsibility and apologize.”

WATCH | Trudeau and Poilievre debate over use of misogyny YouTube tag:

Trudeau and Poilievre debate over use of misogyny YouTube tag

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre exchange photos during Question Time over the use of a misogynistic hashtag on Poilievre’s YouTube channel.

Poilièvre did not apologize. He said he has addressed the matter.

“I have condemned this organization and I corrected the problem as soon as it became known to me, Mr. Chairman,” Poilievre said.

“I condemn all forms of misogyny.”

Global reported that the tags were removed shortly after requesting them. CBC News was able to confirm the existence of the tags using the Internet’s Wayback Machine.

A YouTube help page says tags are “descriptive keywords you can add to your video to help viewers find your content.”

Poilievre’s office has not responded to questions from CBC News about who added the tag to the videos and why.

Poilievre responded Thursday morning to a question from Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen about the tags in the House of Commons.

“Of course we on this side reject all misogyny and all acts of extremism, and that’s how we will always behave here,” Poilievre said.

MGTOW associated with male supremacy: expert

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lists the MGTOW acronym on a page on the ideology of male supremacy. The SPLC defines MGTOW as men “who present themselves as male separatists and have chosen to completely distance themselves from the negative influence of women.”

Jacob Johanssen, a communications professor at St Mary’s University in London, UK, said MGTOW is an online community that can be defined as “male supremacist or isolationist.”

“Men advocating an MGTOW lifestyle want to live isolated from women and ban women from their lives as much as possible,” Johanssen said in an email.

“Many MGTOW men display highly misogynistic views and talk extensively about women. They share experiences of allegedly being mistreated or rejected by women and as a result wanting to live alone or among male peers. Some claim they enjoy being single and see no point in dating or heterosexual relationships.”

Johanssen said it is difficult to determine how many men associate with the MGTOW ideology.

“The community is usually present on various social media platforms like Reddit, YouTube or Twitter and it’s hard to get an idea of ​​who is subscribing to that lifestyle or just curious, for example,” Johanssen said.

Reddit banned an MGTOW community last year for violating the hate speech website’s rules. Video sharing platform TikTok banned the MGTOW hashtag last year, according to a report by Vice News.

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