Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s A-Lister Neighborhood Targeted by NEW ‘Bling Ring’ Burglars!

man, look at Netflix killing with the cross promotion!

Last week their new true crime docuseries The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist premiere, and this week their collaborators Prince Harry and Meghan Marklea are in the crosshairs of a new ring of burglars?? Smart Viral Marketing!

Okay, seriously here… Apparently there really is a new crime wave going on in the expensive beach district of Sussexes, as well as a few around it. The Sheriff’s Department of Santa Barbara installs additional security in the area in the form of license plate recognition cameras. The Montecito Association sent a warning to Harry and Meghan, as well as other residents, explaining that the cameras were “a response to the high-level property crime we’ve witnessed recently”. They added:

“These crimes are being committed by sophisticated theft gangs outside the region.”

The six high-tech cameras should give police a better idea of ​​who was around at the time of a particular break-in, as they can identify not only license plate numbers, but also make, model and even body damage to passing cars.

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Santa Barbara County Undersheriff Craig Bonner said in an online meeting for residents:

“We’ve had some issues with professional burglars entering the Montecito community. We want these cameras up and running as soon as possible to capture these people as they come and go from the area. They have a proven ability to help investigators effectively solve crimes by providing clues about vehicles that were in an area when a crime was committed. They help speed up investigations and they are a power multiplier; they are working there 24/7, rain or shine.”

He added that the technology here is not for traffic enforcement and will not recognize their famous faces:

“It’s not about facial recognition and the data will be deleted after 30 days unless it’s part of an investigation.”

Other big names in the area include: Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, scooter brown, Rob Loweand Adam Levine. These are all stars whose activities — such as when on vacation for an extended period of time or, say, taking their entire family to a Las Vegas residency to show a united front during a false scandal. For example. The whole thing reminds us of the 2018 burglars who beat celebs because they could see on social media when they were and were not home.

You may have heard that there were two separate intruder alarms at Meghan and Harry’s house in May alone. So this is probably a good call from the local police. Of course, it might be smart for the burglars to just steal the cameras – they’re worth $2,500 each!

Let’s hope everyone stays safe! What do YOU ​​think of this technology?

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Ellen/Netflix/YouTube.]

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