Prince Harry mocked: Britons joke about Duke for thinking he’d have perfect LA life | Royal | News

It is well over two years since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to step back as senior royals, not long after which they moved to live in Los Angeles. Royal author Duncan Larcombe claimed that Meghan Markle appears to be “helping create this perfect LA life” for Prince Harry by “cheering him on on the sidelines” while he engages activities “he used to enjoy doing in the UK”.

But Mr Larcombe told Closer magazine that “something doesn’t seem to sit right”.

He argued that “he seems homesick” and even “unhappy”. readers said it was obvious this would happen, adding that the Prince will struggle, if he wishes, to return to his past engagements in the UK.

For JustMeToo, this was proof that “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”.

Cynical Mey noted that “we all said this would happen”.

JanetWCQ1958 described the LA lifestyle as “fake”.

She added: “He can’t get back what he has lost through his own choice and after those nasty attacks on his family he can hardly have expected to be welcomed back with open arms.

“The reaction of the crowds outside St Paul’s [during the Platinum Jubilee] was clearly a shock to him (and her) and their behaviour in snubbing the other events they were invited to and flying off back home by private jet (yet again) just made them look like spoilt, petulant and hypocritical brats.

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Downwithbeer47 wrote: “Prince Harry wanted to have his cake and eat it, too.

“However, his return for the Jubilee showed him that was not going to happen because he was no longer popular.

“He will be back very soon, folks!”

Somewhereupnorth added: “Oh grow up and man up, Harry.

“You made your choices – either live with them or change them.”

SUZM30, however, expressed doubt over the extent to which Prince Harry is feeling “homesick”.

They wrote: “Mr Larcombe ‘thinks’ Harry is homesick. Well, I think Harry is very happy where he is and with his life.

“The one very obvious reason why he hasn’t played polo or socialised with mates, Covid.

“We can all pontificate on what someone is thinking, but that doesn’t make it true.”

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