Qantas’ inaugural Perth to Rome direct flight sets speed record

Qantas’ inaugural non-stop 787 flight from Perth to Rome has set a new speed record with the first flight touching down in just 15 hours and 34 minutes.

The flight spanned 13,354km and arrived in the Italian capital almost an hour ahead of schedule.

QF5 took off 30 minutes late at 10.50pm on Saturday night on runway 03, tracking north-west from Perth across the Indian Ocean to an initial cruising altitude of 34,000ft.

The three-year-old 787, VH-ZNG, named Jillaroo, climbed to 38,000ft (10,363m) over Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka — before crossing the southern tip of India.

During long-haul flights, pilots increase the altitude of the aircraft with approval from air traffic control, as fuel is used and the load gets lighter.

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