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Showing the Queen’s unprecedented confidence in Sophie Wessex

A royal expert has claimed that Sophie Wassex was immediately welcomed into the royal family – particularly by the Queen herself.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, told Channel 5’s 2020 documentary “Edward and Sophie: Reluctant Royals” that the Queen had granted Sophie permission to Buckingham Palace, something that “has never happened before”.

She explained: “The Queen has decided she wants Sophie to understand what it means to marry into the royal family.

“What she did, which has never happened before, is that she gives Sophie an entry card to Buckingham Palace, so it’s like she’s given the key to the front door.”

Rebecca English, Royal Editor of the Daily Mail, added: “She [Sophie] She was allowed to come and go pretty much as she wanted.

“She was staying at Edward’s apartment at Buckingham Palace on a regular basis.”

Dr Anna Whitelock, who specializes in the history of the British monarchy, told the documentary that the Queen lured Sophie to “the heart of the royal family”.

“By all accounts, Sophie was drawn to the heart of the royal family, which is a testament to how the Queen conceived of her in particular.”

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