Queendom: Season Two – Episode 7 summary and arrangement

Quindom season 2Warning: this summary not spoiler free. Proceed at your own risk!

the first episode

We are at a point in which quindom/kingdom I check the length of an episode before watching it and cheer up audibly if it’s less than two hours long. Today was a victory, thank God for that because after last week’s 150-minute bloat festival, we deserve some brevity.

After the long vocal unit competition, it’s time for the dance units and voting results.

3. Sun and Moon Team
2. Team 33
1. Galaxy team embrace the universe

I was kind of shocked by the first and second place results. I mean, I tied them to my own arrangement, but I was expecting the team to score 33 easy wins here. I think the girls are brave quindom damn it goes on…

Not giving an opinion: I watch the full show, not just the YouTube clips. Therefore, editing each view may cause an unintended factor in my ratings. But I will include the full YouTube shows in these posts.

3. KEV1Z – purr

As their unit name suggests, KEV1Z is made up of members from Kep1er and Viviz. Before their performance began, there was a person screaming bloody murder among the audience. It’s nice to hear the enthusiasm, but I hope the doctors are on standby.

This tour is going to be weird because it’s hard for me to be influenced by the choreography if I don’t enjoy the accompanying song. musically, purr She is pretty dang boring. The girls sell the stand, but nothing really stood out for me. They could have tended to the whole cat theme. Instead, I felt the same movements as every other group, rearranged and rearranged.

Then again, Mnet cut her mind to a member of the audience who lost her mind and the screams came out of the front again when the girls reached their last pose. So, what do I know?

2. Ex-It – Ka Bum

This unit consists of Hyolyn and two members of WJSN, making it the smallest formation for this tour. This has its pros and cons. I tend to consider smaller units an advantage when it comes to differentiation.

This was another terrible song, but I found the performance more engaging than that of the KEV1Z. As performance decreased, it was easier to focus on their individual expressions and energy. However, there is nothing here that compels me to go back and watch it again. The fashion was…interesting.

1. The Queen is me – I’m seductive

This unit is made up of members from LOONA and the Brave Girls, which seems like an unexpected but new combination. She represents Poor Eunji Brave Girls on her own, and LOONAs outnumber her four to one.

On a relatively weak run, this was definitely the standout for me. The song still didn’t work for me, but it felt different enough from the others to stand out. Simple grading (black and white + red Always killer) which gave a more creative feel. And while the choreography didn’t offer anything spectacular (there were plenty of pauses), it was more exciting to watch than the previous two stages. Eunji completely owned the stage. What a star.

3. KEV1Z
2. Previous it
1. The Queen is me

My ranking usually differs significantly from the final vote, so I feel like I’ve done well this week!
I think the girls are brave quindom Damn…broken?

3. Kep1er
2. Hyulin, Luna, Vivis
1. Brave Girls, WJSN

Wonderful! I guess the Brave Girls’ curse hasn’t just been broken… it has been shattered to pieces!

(i.e. until they have to perform their worst song during next week’s tour…)

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