Quentin Letts: Simon Case snarls back at Carrie claim | News

Nearly two years into his post as cabinet secretary, Simon Case has developed a flintier edge. He needed it at the public administration select committee when being questioned about Downing Street’s “propriety and ethics world”. To help him with this mysterious astral realm, Case brought along the Cabinet Office’s ethics director-general, a pink-faced, shaky-fingered spud called Darren Tierney. Spoke softly, did Tierney. Used to not being heard, perhaps.

John McDonnell (Lab, Hayes & Harlington) beat up Case for not keeping Boris Johnson on a tighter leash. Had he confronted the PM over those rumours he tried to land his then girlfriend Carrie a juicy job at the Foreign Office? Case played a dead bat. McDonnell: “I’ll take that as a yes.” Case sharply told him

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