Quincy “QD3” Jones III, son of the legendary Quincy Jones, says Tupac’s team contacted Michael Jackson in the hopes that he would appear on “Thug Nature,” but the partnership never came to fruition because The Notorious BIG QD3 recalled the incident during BET’s oral history of The Don Killuminati: The 7-Day Theory

“So I made an appointment in Neverland [Ranch]Jones III explained, as noted by HipHopDX. “I’ll go there and tell Michael. And do you know what Michael said? He loved Piggy.’

Michael Jackson, Tupac
Phil Walter / Getty Images

‘Thug Nature’, a sample of Jackson’s 1983 Thriller hit ‘Human Nature’, was eventually dropped from… The Don Killuminati: The 7-Day Theory whole. It wasn’t until the 2000 Death Row compilation, Too Gangsta For Radiothat “Thug Nature” was born.

Jones III moved on to BET and described what it was like to work with the late West Coast legend. The two have collaborated many times, including: All eyes on meHeaven Ain’t Hard 2 Find.

“‘Pac could handle all my beats, including the ones I would never play in front of people,” he said. “I learned a lesson about being more spontaneous and he taught me to just think and just do it. “Pac would get annoyed if you sat there and played with sounds, almost like disrespecting his time a little bit.”

He added: “I would say he was manic. There would be times asking for a still voice and candles and all and he would scream and smoke Newports. He was on fire with this manic push. He was always pushing. You could tell he was somehow uncomfortable and there was something that made him feel uncomfortable.”

Check out Tupac’s “Thug Nature” below.