R. Kelly’s 30-year prison sentence is too long

Boosie Badazz has come to R. Kelly’s defense after the latter’s 30-year sentence for sex trafficking on Wednesday, saying he did not kill anyone while pleading for a lenient prison sentence.

The rapper, 39, took to Twitter on Thursday to express his anger at the conviction of the 55-year-old R&B singer, which will almost certainly see him die in prison. While Boosie clearly stated that R. Kelly was wrong for his actions; he doubled down on questioning the long jail term.

Boosie said the parents who allowed and encouraged their children to spend time with R Kelly should share the same responsibility in terms of guilt, adding that “college professors get probation” for crimes like this.

Boosie Says Parents of Abused Minors Are Just as Guilty as R. Kelly

“People get 15/20 years for murder and he gets 30 years, he was wrong because he manipulated young girls and had sex with them (sad face emoji) but he didn’t kill anyone, rape someone,” Boosie tweeted. “N no blame to the parents who knew everything. Outrage this man!! University professors are given a probationary period for this


Boosie Says R. Kelly Needs Help, Not a ‘Death Sentence’

The 39-year-old Louisiana rapper added that R. Kelly needs more help for his sexual perversions than a long prison term, even saying that if the singer is ever released, he could teach young women how to protect themselves from predatory men. .

“Get this man some help n some jail time but don’t give him a death sentence, 30 years ‼️Maybe he can be released one day and warn these young girls about older predators and make a difference? but 30 years like Come on world” Boosie continued to tweet.

Earlier this week, R. Kelly has been officially convicted, and the “King Of R&B, where U.S. District Court Ann Donnelly has sentenced the singer to 30 years in prison in a Brooklyn court after he was convicted on all nine counts in his sex trafficking case.

The terms after R. Kelly's 30-year stint reveal that a judge has ordered him to undergo treatment for sexual dysfunction and more.
The terms after R. Kelly’s 30-year stint reveal that a judge has ordered him to undergo treatment for sexual dysfunction and more. (Photo by Antonio Perez – Pool via Getty Images)

Judge Says Singers’ Crimes Were Carefully Planned

Judge Donnelly said her sentence is one “that I would have imposed regardless of the guidelines.” During the hearing, she spent several minutes detailing cases of abuse and violence discussed at trial and addressed R. Kelly directly about what he had done to his victims.

“These crimes were calculated and carefully planned and regularly carried out for nearly 25 years,” she said. “You taught them that love is slavery and violence.” Reports show that prosecutors asked the judge to sentence R. Kelly to more than 25 years behind bars during sentencing, citing “the need to protect the public from further crimes.”

According to TMZ, documents show that the judge ordered the troubled singer to undergo mental health treatment, including therapy for an unspecified sexual disorder. He will also be ordered to stay away from anyone under the age of 18. He will also be ordered to inform anyone who chooses to live with him that he is a sex offender.

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