Rammstein Show Loud Enough to Spur Noise Complaints 11 Miles Away

Rammstein might be a little pent up after the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to postpone the major stadium tour in support of their 2019 self-titled album. The explosive devices, flamethrowers and giant foam-spewing dildos that give their shows a legendary reputation have developed quite a backlog at this point. It has been so long that the band released an entirely new album, time, back in April and have finally begun to tour behind it.

That pent-up energy might explain why zee Germans’ show in Coventry, England, was so loud that local residents who were not in attendance took to social media to complain of “loud thumping” and booms up to 11 miles away.

“Householders leapt onto social media to report hearing ‘loud thumping’ across Nuneaton and as far away as Burton Hastings — which is eleven miles away. Some were confused at what the noise until others said it was the rock band’s gig — the only England date in a European Tour,” reported the Coventry Telegraph.

The Coventry show was the only date in the U.K. for the band’s long-awaited European tour. Their North American tour will kick off August 21st in Montreal and conclude October 4th in Mexico City. You can secure tickets for the trek here.

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