Rams have $13.5 million in dead money this year, none on books in 2023

The Rams are no strangers to dead money taking up cap space, having traded away Jared Goff and cut Todd Gurley, both of which incurred massive dead cap charges. But in 2022, dead money isn’t taking up a ton of space on the Rams’ books.

According to Over The Capthe Rams carry $13.52 million in dead money this year, which is 12th-lowest in the NFL. The Falcons have the most dead money in 2022 at $63 million, largely due to the Matt Ryan trade.

Half of the league has at least $19 million in dead money on the cap this year, which is a considerable amount. The flurry of trades that were made, as well as veteran cuts are the primary reason for that.

In 2023, the Rams don’t have any dead money on the books – yet. That could change if they make some veteran cuts or trade players next offseason, but that’s a positive development for the team cap-wise.

The Eagles already have $25 million in dead money next year, which leads the league.

Dead money is the cap charge a team incurs for a player who is no longer on the team. So essentially, they lose that cap space and can’t use it to pay other players.

The Rams have made a habit of overcoming dead money for big moves they’ve made, and they probably love the fact that there’s no dead money on the cap in 2023 right now.

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