Rapper Archie Eversole Shot In The Face While Sleeping!!

According to a new report, rapper Archie Eversole was shot in the face while he was sleeping.

Before he died, he told investigators that someone had broken into his bedroom and when he woke up he found a shotgun in his face. He was then asked if the shooter was still in the home. He nodded, but refused to name them.

Eversole died 9 days later. He was 37.

When they searched the house, they found fresh blood on the front door and a trail of blood from the stairs to Eversole’s room, blood all over the bed and the wall. Police spoke to Eversole’s brother Alexander Krause about the shooting and said he had been to the house earlier to check on his brother. But during a conversation with the police, the officers noticed that he had blood on his socks and was limping. Krause told them he was limping because he had a blister on his foot.

Krause was later arrested and charged with Eversole’s murder. However, Archie’s mother does not think that Krause shot his brother. She said:

“They had no arguments. They had no feuds,” she told Fox 5. “Okay, no. And I know that. Yesterday I spoke to the neighbor. I asked her and I say: have you heard arguments? Have you heard fights? She said no. She heard nothing. Not that day. No other day.”

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